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Eluent Strength Translator

The following calculator helps you to predict a solvent system composition that would give similar eluotropic strength for neutral compounds on silica gels.


Currently, there are 22 solvents, sorted in increasing order of eluent strength on neutral silica gel. The eluent strengths are currently extracted from Louisiana State University Macro server at The Polymer Analysis Laboratory (PAL) Summary of Key Physical data for Baker Analyzed HPLC Solvents page.

Please choose your current and desired solvent systems below.

Current solvent system:

Eluotropic strength in silica

Desired solvent system:

Eluotropic strength in silica


While doing TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) and column chromatography, it might be beneficial to determine other solvent compositions that give similar eluent strength.

The process of determining solvent strength is detailed in this article by Biotage and implemented in this page for easy usage.

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